Who's the audience?

Anyone who thinks that the instruments and circumstances of the Digital Age magnify and transform the dissonance between what people say, what they think, and what they do—that these powerful tools and the way we use them complicate the ancient distinction between appearance and reality and ultimately confound the relationship between personal authenticity and public verisimilitude.

As Gilmartin Jacobsen puts it in Dialogue 3, How & Why p.204/212PDF:

"Despite—or perhaps because of—our technological sophistication and social connection, you’re still a self-contained, self-conscious being ultimately alone in the crowd. 'Community' is a transient reality defined by verbal ingenuity, novel forms, abbreviated exchanges, instantaneous dissemination, and immediate reaction—a place of putative authority created by ghostly instigators addressing phantom audiences. Speech becomes action and action becomes artifice for a constituency of electrified apparitions re-creating and reenacting the rhetoric of digitized affectation. The inhabitants may aspire to authenticity, even sincerely claim to possess and exhibit it, but they never get beyond verisimilitude. Constantly on the hunt for Being, they’re forced to settle for seeming to be the best they can seem in the moment."