Who? What? Why?

Initially, I set the site's email address to “Auto Respond” with the following message based on early answers by me to reader reactions: 

Ghost Writ is an experiment in both form and content that has circulated more widely than the original mailing list of 50 recipients. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Meanwhile, perhaps one or more of the following responses I've already made to inquiries will answer whatever question(s) you have.
  • No character is based on any individual person although every incident is grounded in fact.
  • It’s fiction. Or at least “fictive.”
  • I aspired to authenticity, but I never got beyond verisimilitude.
  • I understand the confusion. You might find the "Study Guide" PDF helpful. "Duelling Villanelles" may also point you in the right direction. 
  • At least the Greeks had sly Eros to blame/When hot passion overthrew cold reason;/It was part of his task and all his fame/This trafficking in amorous treason.
  • Gilmartin Jacobsen was much better educated than me. Or is it "I"?
  • Perhaps p.369 (PDF/377), line 17ff?
Now, however, it strikes me that these cryptic answers might help the reader access the text from several different angles. Consider, for example, the question or statement that would elicit each response.