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Imagining the life of a mind ...

It's ALL fiction. Especially the parts that are true.

  1. Left-click a title in the Table of Contents to go to the chapter or section. Left-click any page number to return to the Table of Contents. Ghost Writ: The Project and Ghost Writ: The Invention provide further information about the book's origins and evolution.

  2. Section 5, You & I, pages 364-366, background images do not appear in online version but will download and appear in the PDF.

  3. A POD edition is available at for private circulation (no ISBN) and priced to cover only the actual cost of four-color printing (5 cents/page, owing to the use of color fonts and graphics). Check Lulu's homepage for discounts.

  4. For information about books discussed in Ghost Writ Sophistication: Rhetoric and the Rise of Self-Consciousness and Rhetoric: Essays in Invention & Discovery by Richard McKeon.